Paint Color Mayhem

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After removing all of the wallpaper and opening up the living room, dining room, and kitchen, I started looking at paint colors. I really wanted to go with a seafoam green color, something coastal-y. I saw Sherwin Williams Sea Salt all over Pinterest and it looked great in the photos. So I bought a paint sample, along with some similar Valspar colors.

I really love Sea Salt, and if it weren’t for the chairs I have in the living room being a similar color, I probably would have chosen Sea Salt. (I don’t have the best lighting in my living room, sorry for the crappy photo!)


But those chairs… I just don’t want to have an overwhelming amount of color. I will be having turquoise and other coastal accent colors, along with a light aqua/green colored backsplash in the kitchen, so I just thought having the walls that color would just be too much. So I initially looked at colors that were more greige than gray (see the first 6 colors on the list at the end of the post). But once I put those on the wall, they were way to brown to me.

That was when I started looking at other colors that still had a hint of blue/green but were lighter and more gray. I checked out the online Valspar and Sherwin Williams color charts. They’re super helpful because it shows you accent colors and similar colors to the one you’re looking at. So that’s where I got about 20 other colors. Yes, I bought over 20 paint samples. I really want to make sure I like the color that I ultimately choose, because I don’t plan on painting that room again for a long time.

So here’s what my walls currently look like:



You can see the top of the little tree my brother’s girlfriend brought over. I had too much going on to get a tree this year, but I did put up lights outside!

You can also see the new dining light that was installed. I’ll update with affiliate links once I figure out how to get that going.

After putting all the colors on the wall and letting them dry and playing around with the lighting, I decided on 18 (middle left of top photo, lower left of bottom photo, and a little swatch next to Sea Salt) and 8 (behind left side of dining light). These colors are almost identical. I painted 18 a few times because I wanted to see what it looked like against Sea Salt and on another wall. 18 is Valspar Pale Linen:


And 8 is SW Opaline:


And here is SW Sea Salt for comparison:

SW Sea Salt

As you can see from the paint swatches, Pale Linen is a little more blue/gray than Opaline. Of course these barely look anything like what they do on the walls, so that’s why paint samples are imperative!

Here is my list of other paint samples:

  1. SW Colonnade Gray
  2. SW Anew Gray
  3. SW Mindful Gray
  4. Valspar Ashen Grey
  5. Valspar Foggy Mirror
  6. Valspar Frappe
  7. SW Rock Candy
  8. SW Opaline
  9. SW Ice Cube
  10. SW Nebulous White
  11. SW Glimmer
  12. SW Quicksilver
  13. SW Site White
  14. Valspar Seashell Gray
  15. Valspar Sheer Light
  16. Valspar Tsunami Sky
  17. Valspar Ivy Shadow
  18. Valspar Pale Linen
  19. Valspar Blizzard Fog
  20. Valspar Seashore Fog
  21. Valspar Comet Dust