The Wallpaper

Let me just preface this post with saying that when I bought this house, it was covered in wallpaper. The main living room, dining room, and kitchen area all had wallpaper, the upstairs bathroom, and one of the guest bedrooms. And it was all different wallpaper. I’m not just talking each room was different – each WALL was different. Even walls in the same room. And there was lots of pink, lots and lots of pink, with some green mixed in.

Here’s just one wall, with Penny modeling.

The stairs unfortunately still have carpeting, but the hideous molding and even more hideous wallpaper are gone. Here’s another look at the opening that used to go into the kitchen (that wall is now gone).

I actually had a ton of photos of the wallpaper and backed them up to my google drive, but I got a new phone and somehow they just didn’t stay. The photos below are actually from the original listing, so all the furniture and decor is the previous owner’s.

Yes, that wall is bright pink. And after my dad and I removed the built in? Hunter green was behind all the wood. I’ve even found bright orange and chartreuse under some wallpaper.

So as you can see, every wall has a different pattern, but all some variation of pink, purple, and green. Yay for consistency. But in all seriousness, the owner kept the house very well maintained, she just decorated in the 70s/80s and that was the decor then. One of my neighbors even told me she took a decor class back then and that’s where her “inspiration” came from.

The floors are hickory engineered wood. I had plans to refinish them and stain them a different shade. But the cracked cast iron pipe in the kitchen had other plans for me…

The doorway in the dining room leads to the kitchen. It’s all open now, thank god. This is what the old kitchen looked like…

And guys, here is the best part. Prior to removing the walls in the kitchen, we had to remove that wall cabinet/pantry thing behind the little kitchen table. This is what was behind the pantry…

Why yes, that is foil flower power wallpaper, with some linoleum thrown in for good measure!

This wallpaper actually peeled off in sheets, so I gave some to my hippy-dippy friend to make some art with. She said she’d frame a piece so I can keep a piece of history from the house. I told her it would go above the toilet in the least-used bathroom πŸ˜€

Aside from the wallpaper and dated cabinets, the counter top is actually Corian, so it’s newer and works well for now. Stay tuned for photos of what that whole room looks like now! Hint: it’s not done. Not even close.



Bloggin’ and Fried Cheese

Welcome to my blog! Please excuse the mess as I figure out how to blog and how to make my blog look nice and presentable. Visit the “About” page to learn more about me and this blog. Now onto the fried cheese…

This blog is mostly about my house remodeling, but I will be sharing my journey on the keto diet as well. I’ve been on the diet before and lost some weight, then fell off the wagon for a while, and now I am back on, just in time for the new year (new year, new me? ugh). I just figured I can put all the cookie and mashed potato eating behind me, at least until Thanksgiving. So I’ve got a good 11 months to stay on the wagon πŸ˜‰

I had a huge bag of baby bells in the fridge that were about to expire so, while these are a staple for me on keto, I knew I wasn’t going to eat them all before they expired (at least, without feeling gross and wanting to sleep all day). I saw some keto recipes for mozzarella sticks and figured let’s try them with baby bells! The recipe I used is onΒ Try Keto with Me. Who knew, frying cheese with cheese?

I don’t have any photos of the breading process. I just followed the instructions, make sure to double dip to get the best coating! I breaded them at around midnight last night (yeah… that’s what 2 weeks off of work does to you) and put them on a tray in the freezer and left them overnight. Now I have a whole bag that I can just pop on the stove in some oil and get eatin’!

So I started off with my frozen bag of cheese breaded cheese. Heat your oil of choice on the stove. I used about half coconut oil, half olive oil. Mostly because I’m not a huge fan of the flavor of straight olive oil and I wasn’t in the mood for coconut cheese flavor. The half and half mixture worked great!


Ignore my cold brew coffee straining on the left and my super burned stainless pans… and also my new unpainted drywall behind the stove. Yeah, I have a lot of stuff going on.

Make sure the oil mixture is heated up enough – it’s important that it’s at a high enough temperature, or the fried cheese won’t come out right. I just washed some dishes while it was heating (unfortunately still waiting on my new dishwasher to come in). Once the oil is heated up, plop those babies (ha, baby bells, get it? …I’ll stop) in the oil with a slotted spoon and let them fry!


Let them fry for a few minutes, and once the edges start turning a dark brown (not burnt), flip them over with your slotted spoon.


Do this again, and when they are done on the other side, plop them on a plate or platter covered with napkins or paper towels (to drain excess oil).


I actually had to put these back in the oil because the middle was still frozen. Not bad, but not what I was going for – I wanted my melty cheese! So the oil was actually too hot… lesson learned!

Now, here they are, done and melty cheesy!


These definitely hit the spot! Now off to the store to go stock up on keto essentials to get me through my work week on Tuesday…